The New Circulating Sub
No De-Activation Ball
  The Fast Ball Activated Circulating Sub SWIFT Up No BallMitigating drilling risks before they get out of hands means the difference between a well that is constructed efficiently and one troubled with non-productive time (NPT). Risks are magnified in complex applications such as extended-reach drilling (ERD), tortuous well paths, and need for spotting lost circulation material (LCM) or placement of cement plug. SWiFT activation system allows driller to operate the tool efficiently and effectively. Restrictive BHA limits the flow rate and annular velocity required to clean the hole during drilling or displacement operations. BHA restrictions can also limit the size and concentration of LCM and wellbore strengthening material needed to seal troublesome zones. SWiFT helps driller reduce risks associated with hole cleaning through large circulating ports. SWiFT ports can be configured with nozzles to achieve the desired jetting effect according to well program. Single Ball SWiFT activation System enables driller to operate the tool with only one ball for activation and no need for another set of balls for deactivation   Only one ball size is required to operate the tool eliminating any risk associated with multiple ball sizes. De-activation is achieved by a specially designed indexing cam that enables driller to deactivate the tool without the need to drop another ball. The SWiFT circulating sub operation is efficient and significant reduction of expensive rig time. The tool mechanism is hydraulically compensated and is suitable for HPHT wells.     E-Log_4Log is equipped with large memory enables the user to record days of environment parameters throughout the section drilled. Data is retrieved on surface when tool is pulled out of hole. E Log data acquisition software enable user to view and analysis BHA behaviour and assist the drilling engineer taking the decision for optimized drilling performance. E-Log can act as a backup for MWD recording Shock, Vibration and other downhole drilling parameters. E Log smart electronics is internally powered using an efficient power management system.           For more information contact us at          SWiFT@MIT-Technologies.com