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Industry 4.0 Technology Transfer

 Kuala Lumpur, 6 October 2020;

Industry 4.0MIT Innovation Sdn Bhd, is proud and excited to announce our new partnership with GlobiSoft, the well-established quality software developer for manufacturing & business intelligence. The partnership will include the development of the V-Link manufacturing module to empower the company road map for the Industry 4.0 manufacturing center. Combining GlobiSoft's long-established software solutions and MIT Innovation Sdn Bhd design capabilities, the V-Link project is distant to deliver unparalleled visibility and strategic insight across the company manufacturing shop floor. Powered by centralized analytics, V-Link solutions will provide operational insight to optimize machining parameters increasing productivity and reducing downtime. The collaboration will combine a multi-disciplinary R&D task force for industry 4.0 and technology transfer in software and analytics. The company is well established in mechanical design, electronics design, and digital signal processing. The V-Link project is an extension of the R&D collaboration between MIT Innovation Sdn Bhd and GlobiSoft where the latter provides software and design support for the company's proprietary upstream well construction products. By leveraging on each other’s strengths and capabilities, together, MIT Technologies and GlobiSoft look forward to many successful initiatives to deliver world-class quality products and services to help manufacturers become more efficient and profitable through Industry 4.0 initiatives.


About Globisoft:  

GlobiSoft LogoA software house established in Alexandria, Egypt in 2001. GlobiSoft is specialized in providing high-quality, state-of-the-art IT solutions. the company adopts a strategy of continuous development of its business relations and technical skills in terms of employing up-to-date technologies, ongoing staff training, and venturing into professional international partnerships. The company's intelligent software and ERP systems have been widely used in various industries including food, recreation, and healthcare. Collaboration between MIT Technologies and GlobiSoft started on 1st October 2019 to provide engineering support to the fast-growing technology pipeline of MIT Technologies and its manufacturing center in Malaysia.