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Mi-Link 1.2

KL - 31 May 2018:

We are pleased to announce that the Certificate of Conformance (CoC) is now automatically generated using our company-wide user interface for field operation "Mi-Link". Mi Link 1.2

This important step towards automatic documentation and traceability is essential for keeping track of tool utilization and scheduling preventive maintenance providing consistent performance to our clients worldwide.


An enhanced version of DrillerCaddie has been included in this release to improve user experience

About Mi-Link:


"Mi-Link" was originally developed in 2014 by O. Alburglie, Dr. H. Baali  & K. Aljaafar as windows-based software for setting iCWD parameters and read stored memory. The platform has grown with added functionality and became the company-wide user interface for communication between users and our downhole tool control system.

The platform is used by the maintenance team to prepare our downhole tools for field jobs & keeping track of maintenance records, as well as by the field engineers to program the tool onsite and verify its readiness for the job. Environmental information is reported automatically on plots by the platform and provides valuable feedback for the development of the new generation of smart tools that contribute to mitigating risks and improvement of well construction economics.

Mi-Link stands for MIT Technologies Data Link & communication Software  

About DrillerCaddie:

DrillerCaddie is a software application that can run on a Windows-based computer or an Android device. The application provides the user with a programable timer to control the downhole tools for drilling and construction of Oil & Gas well