Intelligent Circulation Drilling Tool
Unlimited Potential
  iCWD is an intelligent circulating sub enabling the driller to treat losses, place cement plugs or improve hole cleaning without the need to pull out of hole, saving expensive rig time. Smart Electronics and sensors enables operator to run multiple tools in same string spaced out as required with each controlled and activated independently into any mode in any order through Agile Activation command sent from surface. iCWD provide full bore mechanical access through the tool, can be placed anywhere in the drilling string and does not require mechanical access or a drop ball to operate.   iCWD design is based on a remotely controlled 3-way ball valve system enabling driller to command the tool in any of the special modes, Bypass, Hole Cleaning, or Isolation modes, in addition to the default drilling mode. In default drilling mode, the iCWD acts as a full bore joint with uninterrupted mechanical access through the tool with the side port sealed preventing communication between the inner flow passage and the annulus.                    
iCWD in Bypass mode

iCWD in Bypass mode



No restriction on LCM properties

Positive Seal allows for Cement Plug or Cement Squeeze

Large side port for high flow rate with zero sump below the side port

Full isolation of all BHA below the tool

iCWD in Hole Cleaning Mode

iCWD Dual Flow - Hole Cleaning

Hole Cleaning

Circulation through both BHA below the tool and through the side port

Improve annular velocity Reduce cutting beds

Side port nozzle can be set to desired flow split

Continuous flow through BHA enabling LWD / MWD real time monitoring


icWD 3 Isolation-Web


A downhole barrier Isolate drill string above the tool from downhole pressure in well control situation

Up to 5000 PSI deferential pressure across the valve, irrespective of ambient pressure


                                   For more information contact us at          iCWD@MIT-Technologies.com
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