Design Capability

Electronics Design

Smart Processor Board

The heart of our products is what makes them special. Control board could be programmed to suite the desired application. It is capable of handling multi-channel and process sensors at high sampling rates to deliver the required accuracy and resolution. We select components according to military standards that suits drilling and production environment.


Programs and proprietary algorithms are intrinsically protected through advanced hardware encryption utilizing latest onboard security architecture. This is a key enabler to facilitate deployment of advanced products in all frontiers while protecting valuable design and programs. We offer packaging that ensures reliable, long-term protection of downhole electronics to improve product reliability and increase meantime between failures.

Using the Right Sensors

Our sensors are selected to measure data related to drilling environment in order to reach our goal of improving operations economics. Sensors used measure parameters such as rotation, vibration both axial and lateral. Data are stored in tool memory for further analysis by qualified engineers.

Mechanical Design

Our engineers are using advanced CAD software packages to produce reliable designs, facilitate quick machine coding (CAM) for manufacturing. Systematically, design verification is carried out through detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and in many applications full scale Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are carried out before moving to prototyping.

Rapid Prototyping

MIT Technologies team is able to create product prototype that will guarantee both quality and economy ahead of actual production. Gone are the days of the time-consuming construction of hand-made prototypes. With 3-D printing, you can automatically construct the most intricate designs with amazing precision, saving you a great deal of cost and time. Communicate your requirements to us and we shall use our advance prototyping methodology that are fast & secures durability for your finished products.

Accelerated Stress Testing (AST)

MIT Technologies has built capabilities for Reliability Testing equipment capable of performing  Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) to insure its product reliability in extreme h Harsh Environment including:
  1. Thermal Cycling up to 400 DegF
  2. Continuous random six-degree-of-freedom vibration up to 60 G RMS
  3. Shock Testing up to 5,000 G

HALT - Highly Accelerated Life Test HASS - Highly Accelerated Stress Screen

HALT & HASS are unique, accelerated product reliability test methods focused on finding defects in products so they can be fixed before becoming expensive field issues.

  • Unique because HALT and HASS are different from traditional design verification testing - different goals, different stresses, different results.
  • Accelerated, because HALT and HASS reveal product failure modes in a matter of hours or days, as compared to traditional test methods that can take weeks or even months to find, if at all.

HALT and HASS, collectively referred to as Accelerated Stress Testing (AST), subject a product to a series of overstresses, effectively forcing product weak links to emerge by accelerating fatigue. Unlike traditional single axis vibration test methods or thermal only methods, an AST program requires specialized HALT/HASS equipment to render the required stresses - random six-degree-of-freedom vibration and rapid thermal change rates - in the combined environment necessary to drive out latent failure modes.