About Us


MIT Technologies is a designer of leading-edge products to empower the upstream oil and gas industry, combining global technology, deep local roots in major markets, and unique expertise.


Malaysia Industry Transformation

Mission Statement


MIT Technologies aims to contribute to the economic growth of the oil and gas industry through a motivated team developing innovative products that improve E&P economics and providing top quality services for the upstream sector worldwide.


Guiding Principles

  1. Our People, their motivation and dedication to safety, ethics & customer service worldwide is our greatest strength,
  2. Our commitment to Technology and innovation is the basis of our competitive advantage.
  3. Our determination to produce superior Profit to our stakeholders is the cornerstone for our independence and growth.

What makes MIT Technologies Different?

Global Technology To Accelerate The Oilfield Industry

Oil and gas producers are constantly seeking ways to access deeper and more challenging reservoirs, improve drilling performance, and accelerate time to the first production in all projects through advanced tools to increase rates of penetration and reduce complications during drilling and completion projects.

MIT Technologies designs and manufactures a portfolio of proprietary leading-edge oilfield products at the forefront of global drilling, completion, and production technology, all focused on reducing time and increasing returns.

University Relations

Creating and supporting academic opportunities.

Universities are a fundamental source of talent for the industry and to the global economy. In MIT Technologies, we take the responsibility to sponsor academic research for postgraduate and industrial training for undergraduate students. our experts guide the sponsored students on industry latest technology available and enrich the university research with real-time applications in the ever-growing Oil & Gas industry.

Deep Local Roots

MIT Technologies is built on the strengths of oilfield product developers with deep local roots in all of its core markets. The resulting longstanding ties with operators in diverse basins enables MIT Technologies to provide products that satisfy mandates for locally manufactured content and are tailor-made for the specific challenges of those basins.

MIT Technologies continues to expand its product portfolio through global research bridging the industry and local academic research centers to improve the operation economics of today's exploration environment.

We continue to maintain a culture of innovation and excellence in all that we do.